Azar Padid Semnan

Production group Azar Paid Semnan was founded in 1997, 10 km from Tehran, the industrial city of Yvonaki. We are active in the field of production, sale and service of polyethylene game collections and urban furniture. We have had over 8 years of experience in the field of polyethylene products with hard work.

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آب و هوای تهران

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آب و هوای اصفهان

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آب و هوای تبریز

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Azar Padid Semnan Co
Call Number : +982334584280-2
Sales Expert: +989193434220
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Fax: +982334583282
Address: 10 km from Tehran province, Iwanaki industrial park, Standard Blvd, Ave, ebtekar st.330th.

Telegram: @azarpadid_semnan

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